About Red Squirrels

Red squirrels can be easily distinguished from other North American tree squirrels by their smaller size, territorial behavior and reddish fur with a white underbelly. They tend to be very noisy with alarm calls, barking, chattering, and clicking sounds. They are sometimes called “pine squirrels” or “chickarees,” due to their need for coniferous forests with cone-bearing trees. Red squirrels are somewhat larger than chipmunks. They are small to medium-sized tree-climbing squirrels, where adults average between 10.5 and 15 inches long.

Red Squirrel Damage

Red squirrels just as other squirrels can enter attics, crawl spaces, or sheds for nesting or shelter and may damage the structure, pull apart insulation, or chew electrical wires. Gnawing, scratching, and pattering sounds, in early morning or daylight hours, usually signal their presence. Balls of torn insulation, cardboard, and dried leaves and twigs may pinpoint nests, but nests and young may be totally concealed within eaves or wall spaces.

The second most common complaint about squirrels is that they often take food at feeders intended for birds. Squirrels are adept climbers and can reach almost any feeder. In addition, they frequently damage bird feeders when they enlarge openings by chewing on them or when they gnaw on perches.

Red Squirrel Control & Removal Services

It is illegal to use poisons to eliminate wildlife, even if the animals are in a dwelling or other building, so call the experts at Critter Control to effectively remove your squirrel problem. We will trap and remove squirrels from your property using safe and humane methods.

Many squirrels carry disease and can cause injury when handled without the proper techniques. Our trained technicians will find all possible points of entry and barricade them to prevent future invasions. Squirrels are very persistent animals and will try to return to their nests, so prevention is the primary solution when it comes to squirrel control.

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