About the Norway Rat

Norway Rats are considered to be the most serious pest animal. They cause significant damage to stored grain, spread diseases, and damage almost any structure.

Norway rats can be found throughout the entire United States and are very resilient urban survivalists. In urban settings, Norway rats favor wet areas and will nest underground in places like basements, subway stations, and sewers. Norway Rats invade homes most often in the winter and spring, and make nests inside attics or basements to escape the cold, or to nest and raise their young.

Norway Rat Problems

It’s likely to find them anywhere there is a significant human population. Norway rats are cause for concern to any homeowner due to the damage they cause and the potential health risks from the diseases they carry.

Rats will burrow underground and generally cause damage upon entry, but also ongoing damage to structures if they are not trapped and removed. Finding a source of food is the main reason for a rat infestation and you will often see them feeding in garbage cans and dumpsters and gardens. These are common complaints within urban and suburban areas.

If you suspect you have a rat problem in your home call Critter Control of Boston today!

Rodent Removal

Critter Control of Boston professionals have a variety of rat removal techniques. We will assess the problem and take the necessary steps to not only remove the rats from your home or building, but also to identify entry points to prevent future rat entry.

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