Critter Control Of Greater Boston North Squirrel Control

Critter Control of Greater Boston North happily serves the communities of the northern Boston area, including Andover, Burlington, Chelmsford and Reading. We remove all squirrels, including gray, black, red, and flying squirrels. Critter Control of Greater Boston North will prevent squirrels from creating any further damage in your home or business.

Critter Control Of Greater Boston North Squirrel Removal

Squirrels can be a big nuisance. Known for their persistence, squirrels can create a big mess in a hurry. The main concerns with squirrels in northern Boston are the damage they cause from chewing, leaving feces and other debris in attics, and digging holes in lawns. Whether you are experiencing squirrel problems in Burlington or Reading, Critter Control of Greater Boston North can help. Give us a call today.

Squirrels in Chimneys

Discovering squirrels in your chimney during the spring, between March and June, likely means you have a mother squirrel and her young living there. The babies will be unable to climb out on their own until they are about 8 weeks old, so professional assistance may be required. We can gently remove the babies from your chimney before installing a chimney cap to discourage future wildlife visitors.

Squirrels in Attics

Squirrels are good climbers and can easily get into an unsecured attic. If they find even a small opening, squirrels will do their best to chew their way into a cozy attic. Squirrels who have been allowed to spend time in attics, tend to make large messes. Curious, a squirrel may be tempted to tear up insulation and/or damage wiring. Squirrel urine and feces contaminates insulation.

Critter Control of Greater Boston North can help with the eviction of squirrels in the home, as well as the cleanup and repairs. We have many exclusion methods to keep squirrels out too. Need assistance in Andover or Chelmsford? No problem, we’ve got you covered.

Preventing Squirrels in Greater Boston North

  • Do not feed squirrels. Feeding squirrels causes them to lose their fear of humans which can result in dangerous situations for both squirrels and people.
  • Feed pets indoors. Pet food left outside can attract hungry and curious squirrels. Squirrels carry diseases and parasites which can be transferred to pets.
  • Eliminate denning areas. Seal openings that lead to attics, crawlspaces and chimneys. Secure sheds and garages. Enclose areas under porches and buildings.

There are laws and regulations pertaining to a number of wildlife species in Massachusetts. Although you might be tempted to tackle squirrel removal on your own, it is usually safer to contact a professional. If you are experiencing a squirrel problem, give us a call. We are happy to talk about options for dealing with nuisance squirrels.

We can help you get rid of squirrel problems in Andover, Burlington, Chelmsford, Reading, and other municipalities of northern Greater Boston.

Call Critter Control of Greater Boston North today at (617) 975-0440 to schedule your inspection.